A Guide To Office Coffee Equipment In Chicago

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Coffee And Tea

The decision to provide café quality beverages to your staff is an easy one to make. After all, for a relatively small investment the benefits will be seen throughout your business. The hard part is deciding specifically what type of equipment you’ll need to suit the wants, needs, and tastes of your staff. Understanding the different types of machines available can help you narrow down your choices, saving you money and pleasing your staff. To help make the decision a bit easier, here is a guide to office coffee equipment in Chicago.

Fully Automated Coffee System

A fully automated coffee system is the traditional approach to making large quantities of coffee at once. They are incredibly ease to run and require little to no special ongoing maintenance beyond regular cleaning. Regardless of the other types of beverages you are hoping to offer your staff, this machine is a must-have. Some companies offer automated machines that differ from the standard percolator, resulting in a better brew and better taste. Ask each company you investigate about the way their automated machines brew the coffee to find out more.

Espresso Machine

While most offices and workplaces have an automated system, espresso machines are slightly less popular. Some larger companies do have them, giving their employees an extra perk. Businesses that opt for catered coffee bars almost always spring for an espresso machine; the drink is a staple of many other café-style beverages.

Cold Brew On Tap

Keeping cold brew coffee in a keg is a relatively new notion, but one that has fantastic results. Cold brew coffee is like iced coffee, but made entirely differently and with a much better taste. A common complaint many people have about iced coffee is that it either tastes stale, or that it isn’t “iced” enough. Kegged iced coffee solves both of those issues, providing fresh iced coffee in a novel way.

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