Finding the Perfect Boys Bedding Set in Green Bay, WI

by | May 31, 2017 | Shopping

Decorating a bedroom for a child is a fun activity that lets parents bring out their own inner youthfulness. The goal is to provide a comforting, fun and visually appealing room, but many parents also need to find designs that will be appealing to their children for several years. Bedding, curtains and accessories are expensive, and the average person does not want to have to change them out every year. Here is how to choose a Boys Bedding Set in Green Bay WI that will meet that challenge.

Find a Theme

Avoid popular, trendy characters because young children will often pick new favorites every few months. Instead, choose an adaptable theme. For example, a space theme could initially focus on spaceships or astronauts and be adjusted easily to become about aliens instead. Even just a simple moon and stars design will coordinate with many different types of accessories.

Consider a Print

Select a boys bedding set in Green Bay, WI with a print instead of graphics if the child is too young to decide what they like for themselves or have no particular interest. Avoid busy prints that could be too distracting at naptime or at night. Pick one with multiple colors in the pattern so changing the paint color or adding accessories is easy.

Pick a Color

An easy solution is choosing solid colors for the bedding and adding throw pillows and other accessories with patterns and themes. Studies have shown that large blocks of bright colors like red and yellow can excite or agitate children. Add bold colors in small amounts and use soft colors like green and blue or warm earth tones on the walls and for the bedding.

Bedding must be comfortable to encourage little ones to snuggle in and stay in one place long enough to fall asleep. Look for soft fabrics, like 100 percent cotton sheets. Cotton is durable, breathable and only softens more with use. A high thread count will avoid common problems like pilling and will stay smooth after hundreds of trips through the washer. Get more information before beginning to make it easier to choose the right set.

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