The Pros and Cons of E-Juice Replacement Coils

by | May 8, 2017 | Shopping

While there are plenty of enthusiasts who swear by dripping, not every vaper wants to spend the extra time and effort it takes to really enjoy the drip experience. On one hand dripping produces enhanced flavor, bigger vapor plumes, and allows for plenty of customization. On the other hand, tanks with e-juice replacement coils require little setup to use, don’t require constant moistening of the wick, and cost less up front. Here are a few of the pros and cons of both drip and tank systems.

Most, if not all vape devices have a few components in common: a power source, a wick, and some kind of coil. The wick absorbs the e-liquid, and is surrounded by some sort of metal coil, which conducts heat. When the vaporizer is activated, electricity is drawn from the battery into the coil, heating it. This heat transforms the juice into a vapor, which is inhaled through the mouthpiece.

However, the delivery method differs drastically between a tank and a drip system. Rebuildable Drip Atomizers (RDAs) require a lot of hands-on time to do right correctly. In addition to the base mod, you will need to purchase wire to build your own coils, and hook those coils up to just the right battery (enough power). You’ll also have to buy appropriate wicking materials. Finally, when actually vaping, you can only drop a little bit of juice onto the wick at a time: just enough to keep it moist. Tank systems hold a reservoir of liquid that allows you to vape continuously without adding more. These devices are also a bit more portable! On the upside, besides big flavor and big clouds, RDAs are almost infinitely customizable. For many people, the opportunity to perfect the ultimate rig is an engrossing hobby.

A final major difference between drip systems and tank systems is cost. Buying everything you need for dripping can definitely cost more up front, but you also save money over time by not having to constantly buy new pre-built coils.

For people who are primarily interested in convenience and portability, tank systems are probably the way to go. In addition to simplicity and portability, modern e-juice replacement coils and atomizers offer some great options for a better vaping experience, including low resistance and greatly improved airflow.

Whichever system suits you; make sure that you do your research before choosing a business to work with. Finding an experienced vendor who can answer your specific questions is essential for avoiding hassle and disappointment.

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