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Spicing Up A Plain White Table Cloth

Not all dinner events need to have a lot of color and dazzle, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Many people love the classic look of a beautiful white table cloth, and there are a surprising number of ways to give this staple linen a new look for different events.

Consider Texture

The texture is more than just the feel of fabric; it is also the way the fabric looks and how that gives an impression or sensation of how it will feel. For example, if you choose a taffeta white tablecloth it looks smooth, cool and sleek. This would be an ideal fabric and option for a sophisticated event such as a formal and classic wedding reception.

The same taffeta material can also be crushed taffeta white table cloth. This has more of the look of velvet or wrinkled satin, giving a softer, warmer and more shimmery look.

Other types of texturing can include a pintuck look, which creates a raised outline of a diamond throughout the tablecloth. Pinched wheel or leaf petal types of designs create more of a pattern and almost a 3D look to the design.

Pairing of Colors

A simple, classic white table cloth can be paired with a range of different types of materials of different colors to create interesting combinations. White tablecloths with burlap overlays or runners is a great example. Satin or sequins, checkers, and chevrons as well patterns all add to the look of the basic cloth.

When combining white cloths with other linens, look at different combinations. Don’t be afraid to experiment and make contrasts with fabrics that you may not have originally considered. Of course, it will also be important to consider your place settings choice and to find colors that coordinate well with the selection.