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5 Ways Surgical Bras Can Help Your Body Heal Faster

The extent of an operation and how the body reacts to breast surgery are determining factors for the recovery time, which is why surgical bras provide the right physical support for faster healing.

Through design and technology, post-surgery bras are specific and unique in their purpose and cannot be replaced by a normal bra. Techniques are used to provide all-round support and comfort to an area that has suffered trauma. Adjusting to wearing surgical clothing is emotionally hard, but it serves a very effective purpose with many benefits over the long run.

It’s not only the clothing that matters after surgery. Additional ways that benefit the body in recuperating is being consistent with a healthy diet and getting sufficient rest. Ultimately, the goal is to return to normal activities as soon as possible, without rushing it or compromising the restorative process that could cause complications later.

Medical Compression

A post surgical bra is designed to provide the proper compression in focused areas on the chest. Standard bras are not designed for the same purpose. After breast surgery, a specialized bra should be worn to compress the skin, which helps reduce post-op risks with blood flow and abnormal swelling. The key to the bra compression is that its consistent.

Chest Support

Post-surgery bras should be worn permanently, day and night, for the period prescribed by your surgeon. Surgical bras place less pressure on the areas where scar tissue forms. Surgical bras also have a soft underband to provide effective support, so the body doesn’t have to compensate for the lack of it.

Skin Protection

Recovering from any form of surgery can be painful and uncomfortable. When it comes to breast surgery, the impacted area is fragile, and the skin is delicate. Wearing the correct bra will protect the surgical area and adapt to any post-surgical swelling. Surgical bras are seamless and underwire-free to prevent aggravating any incisions or chafing on scars and skin.

Promotes Circulation

Another good reason why surgical bras are so effective is that they help promote blood flow. Wearing an underwire or tight-fitting bra post-surgery will restrict the blood circulation and movement of lymphatic fluid. This could potentially cause Lymphoedema or inflammatory disorders that will delay and even complicate the healing process.

Extra Comfort

Soft post-op bras are made to support any tenderness or swelling and provide additional comfort. Front-fastening bras, like some of the Amoena bras and Jodee bras, are more practical as they are easier to put on and remove, especially when its physically harder to fasten it from the back.

Surgical Bra Features

Post-op bras are made from breathable and soft materials and include inside pockets to firmly hold breast prosthetics or breast forms. Different designs in various colors and styles cater for underarm treatment and immobility and cover chest scarring. Their medical benefits and practical features make them the ideal option to promote healing without sacrificing on comfort.

Post-Op Bras

Managing pain, discomfort, and low-grade fevers are challenging aspects when recovering from breast surgery. Although pain medication may be prescribed, being physically comfortable while sleeping or walking depends on your clothing. If the scarred area is irritated in any way, it may exacerbate pain levels.


Surgeons will usually discuss options for post surgical bras and following their guidance takes precedence over any other advice; however, a few of these recommendations could be useful:

  • Purchase at least two surgical bras to alternate between washing.
  • Consistent care and protection of the surgical area provide optimal healing.
  • Do not engage in vigorous activity or lifting heavy objects. Exercising should be a slow build up before getting back to normal fitness levels.
  • Remember the important role a good diet plays in the healing process. Stay hydrated, avoid caffeine and sugar, and increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.