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Advantages Of Tyvek Coveralls

When it comes to choosing disposable coveralls, there are a few different options from the super cheap, plastic ones, to the more expensive suits that can even be flame resistant. There are a number of advantages to having Tyvek hooded coveralls as opposed a cheap plastic set. Here are a few reasons to spend the extra money.


Tyvek is manufactured by DuPont, one of the top chemical and materials engineering companies in the world. It is an incredibly strong material and is very difficult to tear. That being said, should you need to cut it for some reason this is incredibly easy. Tyvek can be cut with scissors or a knife with minimal effort.

Breathable, but Waterproof

Those who are familiar with the material will be quick to point out that Tyvek is primarily used for house wrap. This is not only due to its strength, which does allow it to stand up the weather but is also for its waterproofing abilities. Tyvek will not let liquid water flow through the materials, but it will allow water vapor to pass through. This makes it ideal for jumpsuits that will be worn for long periods or in a high heat situation since it will allow you to sweat without locking it all in like plastic on would.


One of the best things about Tyvek is that it is completely recyclable. This is not a situation where only a small portion of it can be recycled either, Tyvek is 100% reusable, so once you have gotten your use from it, you can just recycle it and know you are helping the environment.

These are just a few of the advantages of Tyvek over cheaper materials like plastic. Plastic is easily torn and not breathable, Tyvek on the other hand is a very tough, waterproof, and still breathable material.

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