Advertise With Personalized Canvas Tote Bags

by | Nov 9, 2018 | Shopping

Finding new and interesting ways to advertise your business, from the smallest start up to the biggest multinational company, is always a challenge. When you are able to combine this marketing and advertising with a strong message of caring for the environment you definitely have a winning combination. CarryGreen personalized canvas tote bags are a great example of this type of advertising that stresses both your business as well as your commitment to a more environmentally friendly world.

Why Personalized Canvas Tote Bags?

In many areas of the world, including in Canada and parts of the United States, paper and plastic grocery bags are becoming a thing of the past. In fact, in many areas of Canada customers have to pay extra to have their groceries sacked in bags provided by the store, so everyone carries tote bags.

Even without this extra charge, many areas of the United States have moved to strongly encouraging customers to bring in recyclable tote bags. This saves literally thousands of tons of waste dumped into garbage sites, waste that doesn’t break down or go away.

Personalizing the bags with your name or company logo is the perfect way to give your customers an idea of what is important to you. After all you can talk about being environmentally friendly in your marketing, but when you actually give away options to help your customers do the same it is a significant and meaningful.

Options for Marketing

Marketing with the bag can include adding your logo, company name or both on one side of the tote. These bags typically have a solid double handle and a closure, which makes them a terrific all-purpose bag that is great for both men and women. Adding your logo associates your company with caring for the earth, caring for your customers and providing that little extra that everyone is looking for these days.

Personalized canvas tote bags can be given away to customers with their first purchase or as a “thank you” from your company. These versatile bags are low cost, high visibility and definitely send a message about the values that your company embraces in all that you do.


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