Having a Bowling Party? 5 Planning Pointers You Ought to Know

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Shopping

Not everyone has fine party planning skills. However, that doesn’t mean your bowling birthday party should turn out boring. There are several ways to plan for a bowling-themed bash you and your guests will love and it starts with the right invites. Here are handy pointers to help you:

Get the right ones

Shop for bowling invitations. These will work perfectly with the theme of your party. These will also set the mood right off the bat. The minute they open the envelopes and see the invites, your guests will know they’re bound for a fun-filled night.

Put in the directions

While GPS navigation does make it easy these days to get from one spot to another, adding those directions or a map is much more convenient for your guests. It eliminates any chances of getting the wrong directions since they can check in with your map and know if they’re on course or not, says BHGRE.

DIY those party favors

DIY party favors, especially those that incorporate bowling designs and styles are sure to win over your guests. They’ll go great with your bowling invitations as well. That kind of consistency and attention to detail will ensure that your guests enjoy every minute of the experience.

Plan a few games

Start with bowling matches. An hour of playing games will put everyone in the mood to party and play. Designate a games committee and give out prizes to heighten the fun.

Send out those invites early

Don’t wait too long to send these invites. After all, your guests will need to clear their schedule in advance. Be considerate enough to give them enough time to prepare and fix their schedules. Otherwise, your guests might need to decline no matter how much they’d love to be there.

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