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Choosing the Right Perfume for Your Body Chemistry in Florida

There are times you notice that a perfume may smell one way on your body but in a completely different way with someone else. Even when you find a fragrance you like for yourself, it may seem different each time you wear it. You may wonder why the scent appears to change when you use it, but the fragrance is not the problem. Typically, the chemical elements of your body play a large part in the results you get. Here are the ways to choose a perfume that is right for your body chemistry.

Skin Type

When purchasing cleansers and makeup, you will see that the products get made considering your skin type. Each type has different needs to look and feel its best. With the best perfumes from the Upper West Side, you will need a product that complements your skin type. With oily skin, the scent lasts much longer and can get applied with a lighter approach. Yet, dry skin needs heavier scents and a stronger application to be as effective.


Perfume can better cling to your skin with more balance in the pH levels. You can learn about your ph levels by reviewing your skin after a bath. If it appears soft and smooth, it will do well with the best perfumes from the Upper West Side. When your skin is dry, it is too alkaline and needs additional moisture. If it is oily, your skin is acidic and requires a lighter moisturizer.

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