Different Beautyrest Mattresses

by | Jun 12, 2017 | Shopping

A Beautyrest mattress can give you a great rest when you choose the right model for your sleeping habits. There is a wide selection to choose from, all give you a comfortable night’s sleep from the first night.

Beautyrest Sleep – Coil Construction

All Beautyrest mattresses are designed to give you the best undisturbed sleep in the industry. With Pocketed Coil spring technology, the coils are meant to imitate the curves and lines of your body. The coil technology enables the springs to move and work individually and allows no movement to be felt while asleep. This straightforward coil technology is great if you prefer no frills in your mattress type.

Beautyrest Sleep – Foam Construction

A Beautyrest mattress bought in New Orleans, La, is also offered using foam construction. The foam is a very high-density and durable foam that gives its user long lasting and quick relief. Support is incomparable as well as it fits your body shape and sleeping style over a short amount of time. Just like the coil construction, the foam constructed Beautyrest is designed for minimal movement and has a sturdy feel while sleeping. This type of mattress is ideal if you are a light sleeper and tend to wake up easily when your partner gets in or out of bed.

Beautyrest Sleep – Gel Construction

The gel construction option that Beautyrest offers is superior and offers a higher grade of sleep than its competition. The gel that is used is layered on the top of the mattress and is made to absorb body heat and high temperatures which gives you a cooler sleep. If you are one to get hot or overheated while sleeping, this would be an excellent option to choose. The gel is very sturdy and not only whisks away body heat, but also alleviates pressure points and pain that is felt during sleep.

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