Find a Wide Selection of Retainer Nose Rings & Other Body Jewelry Online

by | May 20, 2020 | Shopping

Those that are into body piercing, tattoo as body art and several types of body jewelry will love this online store that sells everything needed. Find a wide selection of various sized retainer nose rings and other intriguing body jewelry in person or conveniently available for order online anytime day or night.

When Can People Insert/Wear Retainer Nose Rings After Piercing?

Most body piercing experts recommend that individuals wait at least two weeks and preferably approximately four weeks, or until healing is complete, after getting their noses pierced. This helps to cut down on-site irritation that can increase risks for infection.

Can Individuals Take Their Nose Ring Out for Sleep Right After Piercing?

It is best to leave the original nose piercing item in place rather than to remove it even during sleeping. Since the face is extremely vascular with lots of interconnected smaller blood vessels, any wound, including a piercing hole, may quickly heal over even within just 24 hours on the outside visible section. The inner hole opening stays open awhile longer.

What Can Individuals Use to Hide Their Nose Piercing?

There are times when an individual might want to hide their nose piercings. This could be due to work dress rules, military bans on wearing body jewelry, to keep the piercing hidden during church services or when visiting parents or others who may not approve of body piercings of any kind. At any rate, there are flesh-colored nose ring retainers available for the job.

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