How To Know Your Baby Needs A Snuggy Diaper XL

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Online Shopping

If your child is in the upper weight limit listed on the pack, then it may be time to move up to a Snuggy Diaper XL. However, reading the side of the diaper box is tricky. The weight limits are based on babies of average size, yet not all babies are shaped the same. In some cases, your child may be ready to move up to the Snuggy Diaper XL before the weight limit on the box

If your baby’s current diaper has gotten slightly snug, but you are not sure it is time to move you have come to the right place. There are a few tell-tale signs that any parent can look for to determine if it is time to move into a Snuggy Diaper XL.

Frequent Leaks

One of the most apparent signs that it is time for you little one to move to Snuggy Diaper XL is frequent leaks with wet and dirty diapers. Often parents make the mistake of blaming it on the brand. However, a diaper that is not the right size will not be able to contain your baby’s messes.


If you notice red marks on your baby’s thighs, that is a sure sign that it is time for Snuggy Diaper XL. There should be plenty of stretch left in the leg elastic. If it is instead leaving red marks, it is time for bigger diapers.

Around the Waist

If you are having a hard time connecting the diaper tabs around your baby’s waist, this could be a sign that it is time for Snuggy Diaper XL. The diaper should close easily and you should not have to tug at them. Also, look at the rise of the diaper, which should be just below the belly button with a proper fit. If it is riding lower than that, it is too small and it is time for Snuggy Diaper XL.

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