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How To Take Care Of Your Womens Fleece Pullover

Fleece pullovers are very warm and comfortable to wear. Many people who own them say that they are the most comfortable type of clothing that they have. When you have a womens fleece pullover it is important that you know how to properly take care of it so that it lasts for a long time. Here are some helpful tips on how to care for your favorite fleece pullover.

Washing Your Fleece Pullover

Your fleece pullover will not need to be washed as often as a regular shirt but it will need to be cleaned from time to time. When it is time to wash your fleece pullover you want to make sure that you do it right.

1. Use Mild Laundry Soap – you don’t want to use anything harsh when you are washing your fleece.

2. Wash On Gentle – it is important to use the gentle cycle on the washer to make sure you don’t harm the material. You could also hand wash your fleece if you are concerned about your washer being too harsh.

3. Use Cold Water – cold water the best temperature to wash your fleece in.

4. Dry With Low Heat – if you use your dryer to dry your fleece you want to do it on the lowest setting possible. You can also dry your fleece flat or hang it out on the line to air dry.

5. Only Wash When Necessary – while you obviously don’t want to walk around in a dirty fleece pullover you also don’t want to wash your fleece more than you need to. This is because you want to protect the fabric and keep it like how it was when you first bought it.

Storing Your Fleece Pullover

Although you will want to wear your fleece as much as possible when the weather is cool you will not want to leave it lying around when it gets too hot to wear it anymore. Store your fleece somewhere dry and cool during the summer months when you are not wearing it. Keep it somewhere that it won’t get dirty or be ruined by moths.

Now that you know how to properly care for your womens fleece pullover you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come. Fleece never goes out of style so you will always have a stylish and comfortable pullover to wear when the weather gets cool.