More than a Twin Bed in Appleton, WI

by | Mar 30, 2018 | Shopping

An ordinary Twin Bed in Appleton WI is boring. It may be functional but do nothing to improve the look and feel of the bedroom. If the room is small, a plain bed is not even practical. There are beds that save space, look stunning, and suit a multitude of needs.

Smart Possibilities

A twin bed is perfect when it includes other elements that just the bed itself. A loft twin bed, for example, can have a desk directly below it, a staircase with drawer space, and a bookcase that makes up the headboard. This possibility can make a narrow room appear bigger, provide storage space needed, and offer a quiet place to do homework. It also elevates the cool factor of any bedroom for kids.

A Trundle Bed

Another option for a versatile Twin Bed in Appleton WI is a trundle-style bed. This bed is actually two beds in one space. During the day, or most of the time, the second bed is stored in the base of the twin bed used all the time. When family visits or a friend sleeps over, the bottom part simply slides out for separate and additional accommodations.

It is more comfortable than an air mattress or roll-away bed, can be used to store extra bedding when no one is sleeping in it, and can be out of sight when not in use. This also saves money, avoids the possibility of pulled muscles lugging the roll-away out of storage, and allows the guest to get plenty of sleep. Keep this in mind for a guest room as well or when grandchildren visit for the weekend.

Setting Up the New Bed

Setting up the new bed should be done by professionals for safety and to avoid damage. This service incurs an extra charge in many stores. Customers can visit us for details regarding free delivery and setup within forty miles of the Appleton location. Better yet, stop by the extensive showroom to view dozens of displays and explore all the possibilities. High-quality, brand-name furniture, and great prices combine for a pleasant shopping experience and provide families with real value.

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