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Myths About Decorating With A Texture Wallcovering

Redecorating your walls is a fun task that can quickly give your home a fresh new look. The right wallcovering can completely change the tone of a room, and can help give your home an elegant new look without investing in more expensive forms of redecoration. One popular trend in home design is the use of wallcoverings with texture. While there is nothing new about textured wallpaper, it is getting increasingly popular among homeowners. Despite it’s popularity, there are still a few myths about decorating with a textured wallcovering. Here are the top three.

Myth One: It’s Hard To Clean

There are a variety of different types of texture used in this type of wallcovering. Each one contains its own warnings about how to keep it clean without causing damage. In most cases, however, this type of wallcovering is just as easy to maintain as vinyl, only it’s done so slightly differently. For example, many interior designers recommend vacuuming the wallpaper or using a duster to keep it clean.

Myth Two: It’s Just A Fad

While the look is certainly trendy, textured wallpaper isn’t just a passing fad. There are examples of textured coverings in many homes, and spanning several decades. If you choose to invest in textured coverings, you can guarantee that it won’t fall out of style within the next few years. As long as you choose a pattern and color that work well together in a timeless way, your covering won’t look tacky later on down the road.

Myth Three: It’s Too Dramatic

Textured coverings are often mistakenly accused of looking overly dramatic and bringing “too much” to a room. In reality, if they are chosen with the rest of the room’s décor and tone in mind, textured wallpaper isn’t any more dramatic than traditional vinyl paper. It does have a sense of elegance to it, regardless of color or pattern, but doesn’t need to be dramatic if that isn’t the look you are aiming for.

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