New Balisong-style Blades Take the Folding Cutlery Market by Storm

by | May 4, 2023 | Knives

When it comes to high performance knives, you probably don’t think of fan blades and other related types of cutlery. High-tech butterfly knives are starting to change that perception, however, in spite of the fact that these are still made to traditional Filipino specifications. Advances in both materials engineering and metal coatings have made it possible to completely redesign these blades so that they can hold their own against nearly all of the other high performance knives on the market.

In spite of what you might think, it shouldn’t take that much practice to open a balisong. While there are some aficionados that can do some really amazing things with them, the basic process isn’t difficult to master. Those who have to deal with accessibility concerns or need a folder that they can always open with one hand have often turned to these sophisticated butterfly knives because they’re so easy to slip into position.

Nevertheless, you might end up surprising yourself by finding you have a latent interest in what’s often called the sport of flipping. This pastime usually takes the form of practicing increasingly elaborate manipulations that can become something of a hobby in their own right. In spite of this, these knives are anything but toys. Since they’re made from a special high-test form of steel, they can actually take on an edge that would make many razors jealous.

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