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The Practical Side Of LED Recessed Lighting

For general as well as focused lighting requirements, recessed lighting provides a great look that is streamlined and allows for a smooth, even surface for ceilings. The different types of bulbs used in recessed lighting make a very big impact on the quality of light as well as the maintenance for this lighting option.

As with all types of lighting, recessed lighting, at least with traditional types of bulbs, produced heat. This posed specific issues for installation and also tended to decrease the life cycle of traditional types of bulbs.

Thanks to LED recessed lighting options this is no longer a concern as these lights produce extremely limited heat, plus the bulbs themselves are designed to last thousands of hours longer than other bulbs on the market.

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits for all types of LED lighting is the boost in energy efficiency. There are a variety of different options in the energy usage of LED recessed lighting, with even the wet rated outdoor lights consuming just 8W or less, depending on t specific rating.

These lights are also brighter than incandescent lights, offering 550 lumens or more and allowing for a true color and soft white light that is very natural. This is not only important outdoors, but also indoors where the color of the light sets the look and ambient atmosphere of a room.

Retro Fit Kits

For homes or commercial properties with the traditional incandescent light fixtures, there are retrofit LED recessed lighting kits on the market. These allow the use of the long-lasting, energy-efficient LED bulbs through an easy to install kit that uses the existing fixture.

Not only does this cut down on the cost of the upgrade, but it also minimizes the time involved to make the change. The energy savings and low maintenance will pay for the retrofit kits over time, making this a wise choice.