Purchasing a Bronze Horse Statue for Your Home, Garden or Landscape

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Bronze Statue and Sculpture

If you are searching for a way to add something unique to the indoor or outdoor areas of your home, you may want to consider purchasing a bronze horse statue. As many recognize, the horse is a magnificent creature and very much beloved by many. When you add a bronze statue of this majestic animal to your décor, you are making a statement and enhancing the richness of your surroundings. At World of Bronze, we offer various types of high quality bronze horse statues that you can implement into your décor or landscaping plans as you wish.

Creating a Bronze Horse Statue
The ‘Lost Wax Process’ is used today to produce a horse statue made from bronze that is a high quality reproduction of the originally created museum piece. At World of Bronze, you can count on having your piece made from 100% American bronze. As well, we apply a patina to the surface to bring about a uniqueness and authenticity to the creation. A further application of a hand-rubbing process helping to enhance the unique nature of the statue giving it specific highlights and details that are not replicated in other pieces.

The entire creative process involved produces a bronze statue that has distinct features. Once the statue is finished it may be set on a marble base that includes a plate made from brass upon which the name of the statue and its author may be engraved. We offer an array of these horse statues that can be placed in various locations of your home or in some of your outdoor spaces as well. Each statue offers a different portrayal of a scene that can fit particularly well in certain décor scenarios.

Quality Product
You certainly don’t want your bronze horse statue to contain any chips, wearing or cracks that can devalue the piece. Be sure to know the quality of the piece you are purchasing. Any repairs you may want to have done on the piece may prove to be quite expensive. It’s important to avoid this by purchasing from an experienced and reliable dealer.

At World of Bronze, we offer you quality bronze pieces at the lowest prices you can find.

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