The Right Mattress for Your Climate!

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Shopping

Summer in the south is full of culture and tradition. Warmer weather means tail gate parties, county fairs, and barbeques! But did you know that summer is also the perfect time to replace your old mattress?

As the weather heats up, you may be lamenting your old coil mattress. If you’re considering a Tempur Pedic in Hattiesburg, MS, you may be wondering if it is time to replace your mattress, and whether a Tempur Pedic is a good fit.

How to Know if Your Mattress Needs Replacing

There are many signs to look for when evaluating your current mattress. Some are obvious, such as sagging or lumpiness. Others may go undetected. If you have been sleeping on the wrong mattress for too long, you may not recognize the signs that it is time for a replacement. Do you or your partner wake up sore? Do you find yourselves restless or unable to sleep? Do you sleep comfortably in other places, such as the couch, or when you travel or use someone’s guest bed? If so then it is time for a new mattress!

Mattress Related Health Concerns

Do you have arthritis? A back injury? Are you allergic to mold? You will be amazed at how much relief can come from sleeping on the right surface.

Why a Tempur Pedic is Right for You

Tempur Pedic is one of the most well-known mattress brands in America. Made from visco elastic memory foam, many models offer a cooler sleep solution when compared to other mattresses. They prevent motion transfer, so your restless partner won’t disturb your sleep. Owning a Tempur Pedic in Hattiesburg, MS makes even more sense if you have allergies, or are looking for a mold resistant mattress.

If you are ready to get a new mattress, start shopping now. The summer is the perfect time to buy.

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