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The Choice of PG Based Nicotine E-Liquids

Propylene glycol or PG is one of two liquids used to dilute pure nicotine base for use in vaping devices. There are advantages to both of the liquids both in performance as well as vaping experience for the user.

As a general guideline, most e-liquids are PG based nicotine. Unlike vegetable glycerin (VG) that is very thick and viscous, PG is very thin and water-like in its appearance. This allows PG based nicotine formulations to quickly drip into the atomizer compartment, allowing for faster vaping enjoyment.

Cleaning Considerations

For the consumer, the choice of a PG e-liquid also means a less frequent need to clean out the vaping device. Unlike VG, which clings to the tank and can create a buildup in the device with only a few uses, PG based nicotine leaves very little residue.

Less frequent cleaning and limited transfer or “ghosting” of the flavour of the e-liquid is another reason this formulation is positive with consumers.

Formulating the E-Liquid

PG is a completely odorless and tasteless liquid. For manufacturers of e-liquids, this is an important advantage in the formulation of the product. VG provides a sweet taste, which needs to be considered during the formulation of the e-liquid.

Selecting a provider of PG nicotine solutions that offers consistent, tested, quality product is essential for any e-liquid manufacturer. Always look for PG nicotine manufactured in GMP facilities using the latest and best in technology and processing systems. Some of the top manufacturers provide standard grades of PG nicotine as well as custom dilution requirements.