The Pros and Cons of Food Delivery in New York City

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Shopping

Shopping for groceries takes a considerable amount of time and energy. You have to make a list, drive to the store, browse up and down aisle after aisle, stand in line at the checkout and load your car only to unload it again as soon as you get home. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that more and more people these days are opting for food delivery in New York City.

Just like with anything else in this world, there are pros and cons to having your groceries delivered. So, before you fill your virtual shopping cart, take a moment to learn about the benefits and downfalls of this type of service.

The Pros

The greatest benefit of having food delivered right to your door is the amount of time that it saves you. No more walking the aisles to find the items that you need. Even better, you can log on to make your purchases at any time day or night in your pajamas if you so choose. You are also going to save time by not driving to and from the grocery store. In addition, you are also saving money on gas and helping the environment by cutting down on carbon dioxide emissions.

Another great advantage of food delivery in New York City is the elimination of unnecessary spending. Grocery stores are designed to make you want to by the things that you do not really need. They thrive on your weakness for a last minute candy bar purchase at the checkout counter. In fact, studies have found that impulse shopping can increase you grocery bill by as much as 60%. In addition, shopping on an empty stomach can also lead to unhealthy dietary choices that you will certainly regret.

The Cons

While you are going to save money when you choose food delivery, there is still a price for this convenience. You have to pay for someone to do all of the legwork for you. So when you are determining your savings, be sure to include any delivery fees, minimum order requirements, fuel surcharges, tips, etc.

Another drawback that some people do not like is the inability to select the exact product that you purchase. For example, when you shop for milk, you probably reach to the back of the dairy case for the freshest gallon. This is not likely something that you will get when you choose to invest in food delivery in New York City .

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