Things to Know about Promise Rings for Her

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Jewelry

You can buy a woman many different types of jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings are very popular. Several kinds of rings make a statement of commitment. Most people understand the meaning of engagement and wedding rings, but what about promise rings for her? This can sometimes get into a “gray’ area, so let’s take a closer look at these rings to find out their true meaning.

What Do They Mean?

A promise ring is symbolic of some kind of commitment. Most people agree they are neither engagement rings nor wedding rings. They are not meant to mark a special occasion like an anniversary either. Let’s look at an example of what promise rings for her might mean:

Jim and Judy have been going together for over a year and they would like to get married someday, but neither is ready to make that kind of commitment yet. However, they have decided to share an apartment together. Jim wants to let Judy know that he cares for her and he wants their relationship to be exclusive. In this case, the ring he gives her is a promise that he will be faithful and she is the woman he wants to eventually become his wife.

When Judy accepts the ring, she is basically agreeing to the same terms that Jim is promising.


Many couples consider promise rings for her as “pre-engagement” commitments. Yet, pre-engagement can mean many different things and it depends on the situation and the people involved in the relationship.

What Can You Buy?

You are not limited on your choices and you can even choose eternity rings. They provide a great deal of sparkle for the money. However, the best strategy is to visit an online jeweler and browse the many affordable promise ring selections. You might be surprised just how inexpensive many of these rings are.

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