6 Helpful Airsoft Gear You Need

by | May 9, 2016 | Shopping

Your tactical gear is one of the most important Airsoft buys on your list. With a ton of tactical clothing and gear, you can shoot better and be safe while doing it.

Eye Goggles

This, along with your helmet, is one of the pieces of safety gear you should never go without. Flying debris as well as pellets can scratch your eye or cause an accident. Don’t risk your eyesight for a game with your airsoft buddies. Be safe while you’re having fun. Always wear eye goggles to keep your eyes protected.


Trainings can happen rain or shine. You won’t always get to choose when your missions take place so it’s better to be prepared for anything. That’s why keeping rain poncho can help you give your best to the training mission while keeping you safe and dry. If you’re in the desert, a scarf or breathing mask can help you with the sand blowing everywhere.


This is another item designed for your safety and protection. This lets you carry your soft and steel plates just fine. It’ll be heavy so choose a condor plate carrier. The material is durable so you won’t have to worry about it showing premature signs of wear and tear any time soon.


The Airsoft Dome includes this on the list of airsoft gear accessories. It’s incredibly useful especially for long-range attacks. If you a fast and easy way to disarm the competing team in one fell swoop, a grenade can hand you that victory easily enough. In airsoft game play, the resulting explosion or rather the blast of soft air pellets from the grenade is an effective way to hit a lot of players in one site.

Grenade Launchers

Want to improve the range of your grenade attacks? Aim farther to disrupt enemy camp and operations? You can use a grenade launcher to make this happen. With grenade launchers, you can whittle away at the enemy’s defenses even before they take a step closer to your camp.


Make sure you pack this along with a compass as well as candles and matches. With this gear, you can easily get in touch with other players or find your way out of the forest easily enough.

So don’t skimp on your airsoft accessories. Make the most out of this experience by giving yourself the best chance to survive. Make sure you gear up right before you head out.

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