Kanger Nano SUBTANK Clearomizer is an E-Cig Accessory Option

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Shopping

If you enjoy smoking electronic cigarettes, one of the accessories you may want to try is the Kanger Nano SUBTANK Clearomizer. It’s a special kind of tank that has organic cotton coils that provide your e-cigarette experience with more flavor and more vapor with the convenience of a tank instead of a sub-ohm coil device.

It is made of stainless steel and glass, so it is very durable, strong and long lasting. Plus, it has adjustable air flow and is 510 drip tip compatible. It has a spring loaded 510-connection and a PEEK insulator.

Kanger Nano SUBTANK Clearomizer Gives a Better Smoking Experience

It is actually a slimmer version of a Kanger Subtank Mini, but made specifically for organic cotton coils. That means it has a bigger heating element than regular coils so you get more longer-lasting vapor from your smoking experience. It will hold three milliliters of e-liquid.

Be aware before buying the Kanger Nano Subtank Clearomizer that you have to have the right kind of battery and atomizer prior to using it, as organic cotton coils are not compatible with some types of clearomizers. The Kanger Nano Subtank Clearomizer only works with electronic cigarette units that can get up to 30 watts or higher.

Refilling Tips for Your New Accessory

When you get ready to refill the Kanger Nano Subtank Clearomizer, be sure to not get any of the e-liquid inside the metal tube located at the center of the tank. It’s a good idea to keep the tank full, and be sure to never let it get to where there is less than one-third of a tank of fluid. That way it stops leaks and maintains the proper vacuum.

When you open up the bottom cap, liquid might spill into that tube, so it’s a good idea to wrap a bit of tissue around your e-cig mouthpiece prior to opening up the clearomizer.

How to Tell if E-Liquid Has Spilled Into the Center of the Tube

You can tell if liquid got into the center tube if you hear any gurgling or see any leakage. If this happens, you have to get it out. To do this without having to empty out the tank, take the clearomizer off the battery, then wrap a bit of tissue around the end where the battery is and blow through the mouthpiece.

So, if you want a fuller, more flavorful electronic smoking experience, then get yourself a Kanger Nano Subtank Clearomizer today and enjoy a better vaping experience.

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