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by | Dec 22, 2022 | Jewelry

Tolkowsky Diamonds vs. Leo Diamonds

A diamond’s cut holds most of its radiance and fire. It is also the only factor about the diamond that man influences.

Tolkowsky Diamonds vs. Leo Diamonds

Tolkowsky Ideal Cut diamonds have definite proportions to bring out their radiance. The name derives from the cut’s inventor Marcel Tolkowsky, and his standard is still used. He first developed the standard in 1919, and all diamonds with this standard have them.

The ‘Ideal’ cut specifications create a 58-facet round brilliant diamond. However, there are competing cuts, which his rival Leo Diamond invented.

Leo Diamond developed a 66-faceted round brilliant diamond and named it after himself in 1999. He found eight additional facets by cutting into the diamond’s lower half. Consequently, Leo’s diamond is deemed a “modified round brilliant.” These diamonds are only available in stores and possess a GSI grading report. Therefore, it can be difficult to accurately compare them with a normal 58-facet diamond. Typically, they come with GIA or AGS grading reports.

Marcel Tolkowsky’s formula utilized mathematical calculations to enhance the stone’s brilliance. He found light would escape from the sides or bottom of the diamond were cut too deep. The resulting loss of brilliance, fire, and sparkle was unacceptable to him.

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