Your Shoes Are Your Base When It Comes to Powerlifting: Don’t Sacrifice!

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Shopping

Men and women competing in bodybuilding and powerlifting need a strong, stable base. Your base is your feet, and your feet take the brunt of your sport. If you aren’t wearing the best body building shoes, your feet will pay for what you put them through. Consider the best weightlifting shoes for men and women and don’t sacrifice your feet for your sport!

The Best Weightlifting Shoes for Men and Women

You are lifting hundreds of pounds of dead weight either from the floor or from an equipment bench. Regardless of what height you pick your weights up from, you need to have solid footing. The best body building shoes you can buy will not only support your feet, but also provide skid-proof traction on any workout floor. The last thing you want is for your feet to slip out from underneath you while you are lifting two or three hundred pounds or more.

Support for Your Arches

People carrying extra weight around on their frames often suffer from flat feet. Their arches weren’t designed to carry the extra weight. Likewise, your feet aren’t designed for you to lift or press the amount of weight you do in the gym. Your shoes need to support the arches of your feet under the duress of the weight you lift. When you find a really good shoe that does exactly what you need it to do in your sport, that’s the best possible shoe.

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