Indispensable suit tailoring and alteration tips

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Shopping

So you found a vintage suit, but the hem is too long, or the shoulders are too wide? This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it. In such an instance, the difference between getting a steal and losing your money is whether your tailor can alter it to fit you. Whether it’s a vintage suit or a new one, here are some indispensable alteration and tailoring tips to get the right fit.

What size should it be

When atailor is altering a suit or making any clothing alterations Washington, DC you need, removing or reducing the amount of fabric is easily doable; however, making something bigger is a lot harder. Nonetheless, it’s still doable, but not by much. How much you can change the size of your suit will depend on the amount of extra material under the seams and hems. 

Bespoke and other tailored suits contain a lot more seam allowance to future-proof any clothing alterations. This makes it easier to make them larger. However ready to wear, cheaper suits have little to no extra hem material. Therefore, they are better suited when making the suit smaller. 

Don’t mess with the armhole and shoulders

Suit jackets are complex, with a lot of components that give them an elaborate structure. Because of this, some areas can be quite difficult or even impossible to alter successfully. Shoulder divots and the armhole are some of these tricky areas. When picking a suit, you need to get a jacket that fits in the shoulders.  

Try and avoid making alterations to the upper part of your suit jacket

Getting a jacket that is the closest fit to what you want will save you a lot of trouble. However, if you can’t, you can still make some alterations to improve the fit, such as the lapel and collar. A common issue with the collar is the collar roll that’s a tiny bubble of cloth underneath the neck seam. This bubbling is often caused by your posture and can be easily rectified by opening the collar seam and removing the extra material. You might need to adjust the lapel if you have a broad or muscular chest Elim Boutique and Rosslyn Tailoring.

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