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The Different Types of Men’s Fragrance in Houston, TX and Their Significance

Male fragrances bring out the best in every man because they enhance style and confidence. There are diverse types of male fragrances, and their significance is noticeable. Nevertheless, some women love these scents and do not mind the male connotation. The following are some types of male fragrances available in the market.

Eau De Toilette

If you are looking for a perfume that is not strong and you can wear subtly, you must go for eau de toilette. It contains a 4 to 15% fragrance oil concentration and will only last up to four hours. Wear it for the office or during warmer seasons such as spring and summer.

Eau De Parfum

People do not recognize this type of perfume as it tends to be kept in a stopper or spray bottle. It is a good fragrance for the cold season due to its scent and holds a lighter oil concentration of 10 to 15%


It is one of the most expensive fragrances with a 40% fragrance oil concentration. It is heavy and contains a strong scent. Therefore, it requires only a few dabs to last all day.

Eau de Cologne

It is a light perfume with a 2 to 5% fragrance oil concentration. Although it is for men, a lady can also use it due to its lighter variation. Also, most men use it as an aftershave.

Eau De Fraiche

Eau de Fraiche is one of the least expensive perfumes and has a 1 to 3 % fragrance oil concentration. It is a great perfume to use after a workout or when you are out on a bench. It is kept in a spray bottle since it tends to dissipate after an hour or two.

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