Packaging Made Easy With Cupcake Boxes

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Shopping

The ongoing trend in cupcakes as dessert, a treat for the office, or even as an option instead of a wedding cake or special event cake, means that bakeries of all sizes need to have a way to not only package these tiny cakes but to also create a unique display.

While there are some standard types of options in packaging for cupcakes, one of the best sources of fully brandable and unique cupcake boxes is N.Y Cake. This company offers a top selection in cardboard, clear plastic or combinations of materials in boxes that make your baked treats stand out on display or packed to take out for customers.

Solid, Full Plastic or With a Window

There are basic options in all types of cupcake boxes. The lowest costs is a standard cardboard box that can be designed to hold a single cupcake or an assortment of six cupcakes or a dozen.

These are ideal for bakeries selling individual cupcakes where the customer is selecting cupcakes from your in-store display. They offer protection for the cupcakes during transport, and they can be easily branded with an elegant sticker or tied with a ribbon and a tag from the bakery.

Solid can also include clear plastic at the top of the box, with cardboard on the side and bottom. These types of cupcake boxes are great for displays in a bakery or a store, allowing the customer to see the top of the cupcake or the entire cupcake while still keeping the cupcakes safe and as required by food safety standards.

Clear plastic boxes are also popular for both store displays as well as custom packaging. These clear boxes can also have a solid bottom and sides and more of gathered bag top, providing a unique packaging option that can be sealed with a branded sticker.

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