Protecting Kids In The Rain With Umbrellas From South El Monte Stores

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Umbrellas

When you take children out in the rain, they can usually carry their own umbrella as long as they are able to hold the handle. There are various sizes of kids umbrellas that you can get and different designs with fun characters. These umbrellas are usually lightweight and don’t have a lot of accessories that get in the way while the child is holding the umbrella.


One of the features that you want to look for when searching for kids umbrellas is the protection that it offers. There should be a large canopy but not one that is too heavy. Make sure there are no holes in the canopy or items that hang down on the sides that could allow rain to get on the child. Aside from the rain, you want to find an umbrella that is strong enough to offer protection from snow and wind as well.

Fun Designs

Most children enjoy fun designs on clothing and accessories that they use. Umbrellas as no different. Fortunately, there are many umbrellas designed for kids that feature popular characters and fun shapes so that they want to carry the umbrella instead of leaving it in a corner. You can usually find umbrellas designed for boys or girls and some that are for either one.

Easy to Hold

The handle on the umbrella should be easy to hold with small hands and lightweight. The shaft of these umbrellas is usually shorter than one that you might carry. This can help your child control the umbrella a bit easier, especially if it’s windy outside. The canopy should be easy to collapse as many kids take umbrellas to school when it’s raining. Another feature to look at is the handle. Curved handles are often easier to hold than those that are straight.

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