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by | Nov 21, 2019 | Jewelry

A precursory glance at men’s wedding rings in Chicago showcases just how much men’s wedding rings have evolved since your father’s time. Classic wedding bands are still fashionable, but today’s men also have many more options: colors, precious stones, cuts, finishes and karat weights. Of karat weights, which is optimal? Here are a few basic tips to help you decide.

Purity & Perfection

A karat is a unit of measurement denoting gold alloy purity. All gold contains other metals; karat measurements merely tell you to what degree. For the sake of consistency, in the United States and in the United Kingdom, 24 karats or 24K, indicates pure gold, or a given sample of gold that is 24 parts gold.

The actual gold purity of a 24K gold sample may range from 99.95% to 100%. Other common karat measurements of gold rings range from 12K to 24K. A 12K gold ring contains 12 parts pure gold out of a possible 24 parts, making it 50% pure gold. An 18K gold ring is therefore 75% pure gold.

A karat measurement isn’t a measurement of durability or superior quality; it’s just a gold purity measurement, period. When perusing men’s wedding rings, it’s advisable to consider alloys or even rings that incorporate two or more metals. Other metals may not be as precious, but they have unique qualities of strength and resistance that can enhance traditional pieces such as men’s wedding rings.

Platinum, Tungsten, Tantalum, Stainless Steel

Platinum, tungsten, tantalum and stainless steel are four of a handful of highly sturdy metals you’ll find fused with gold in men’s wedding rings. Platinum, for example, is even stronger than gold and typically comprises the prongs that support center-cut stones in women’s and men’s wedding rings.

Tungsten, tantalum and stainless steel are extremely strong, precious, lustrous metals or alloy metals with inherent resistance to scratching, tarnishing and rust. These metals lend their natural qualities to gold wedding bands, enhancing and reinforcing density, structure, corrosion-resistance and longevity.

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