Three Reasons Why You Should Donate Your Old Clothes to Thrift Stores

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Shopping

Maybe you’re trying to Marie Kondo your way through your wardrobe. Or perhaps those go-go boots seemed like a good idea at the time of purchase, but now just look embarrassing in your closet. Whatever the reason you’re getting rid of some of your clothes, you have a couple of options for lightening your closet.

This article will discuss three reasons why you should donate your unwanted clothes to your local thrift store. From doing a good deed to helping someone with a limited shopping budget, there are a few good reasons why you should start going through your wardrobe for things to donate.

Other People May Need Your Unwanted Clothes

You may not have any use for that old-fashioned blazer now that you work from home. But there is a woman who is thrift shopping in Jacksonville that will consider that same item of clothing to be an amazing find. Many people can’t afford to shop at department stores, so donating some of your clothes can really help someone out.

One Man’s Trash…

Remember those boots that you hide all the way in the back of your closet out of the sight of all visitors? Maybe someone else thrift shopping in Jacksonville will see those boots as a great addition to this year’s Halloween costume. Or someone else could see those same boots as a snappy, fun addition to her wardrobe. You never know what someone will consider an amazing find, so donate those clothes that you might not like. Another person will love them.

You’ll Feel Good

When you donate your clothes, you’re doing your part to help out people who have limited budgets. Feel good about the great karma you just got after dropping off your clothes at your local thrift store. You deserve it.

While you could throw away unwanted clothes or sell them in a yard sale, donating them will pay off in dividends. Not only can you help others, you can also pick up a new favorite dress or sweatshirt when you drop off your used clothing at the thrift store. Who doesn’t love a bargain?

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