Tiny Rings, Big Impact: Why We Love the Pinky Ring

by | Aug 23, 2018 | Jewelry

Pinky rings are one accessory that both genders have enjoyed showing off over the centuries. While fashions come and go, these small-scale pieces continue to have large-scale impact.

A Storied History

While they’re only small pieces of jewelry, pinky rings hold a lot of history. Once upon a time, they were worn by unmarried men and women alike, to signify that they were uninterested in marriage. In a world where marriage was an important part of social standing, they were seen to be a sign of rebellion or adherence to a strict, religious lifestyle. Talk about two ends of a wide and varied spectrum!

For Women and Men

While the delicate rings worn by many women in the pinky finger are seen today as a sign of femininity and a lingering symbol of feminine independence, girls aren’t the only ones who can wear pinky rings. Some of the most famous pinky rings of all times have been those worn by gangsters of the so-called golden age of organized crime. These sturdier, more grandiose rings were worn both as a status symbol and kept as a valuable investment to be cashed in on upon the likely death of these mobsters. In a line of “work” where insurance policies weren’t always practical, this was one way for outlaws to look after those they cared for.

Modern Meaning: Effortless Style

Of course, you don’t have to be an outlaw to enjoy the look of a pinky ring. Today’s top jewelers offer styles to suit every taste, from the feminine and delicate to the masculine and showy. What’s more, when you buy a top-tier ring from a New York jeweler, you can rely on your piece to be the kind of quality that will be easy to pass down to the next generation. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that your investment will remain stylish and storied in its own right for years to come.

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