Using E-Cigarettes and Vapor Accessories to Help Quit Smoking

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Shopping

While some people choose to vape as a lifestyle choice, many are turning to it for a safer alternative to smoking actual cigarettes.  These “e-cigarettes” and vaporizing devices are small inhalers that work on a rechargeable lithium battery or other battery types, and a cartridge. This cartridge fills itself with liquid that contains propylene glycol, with either a nicotine base or nicotine-free base, as well as other additives.

The e-cigarette is small and looks similar to a real cigarette, while the vaporizer has a larger appearance and can deliver much more nicotine in one puff. Vaporizers also feature an improvement in battery life and a larger selection of flavors and vapor accessories.

Transitioning from Smoking to Vaping

When you start the process of quitting smoking, it can be a stressful experience. It’s important to make sure you have a great support system in place to help you in your transition. Explain to friends and family the benefits of switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping, to get them on board to help. Those that transition to e-cigarettes will enjoy many potential benefits. These benefits include:

1. Fewer Expenses than Smoking – Cigarettes are a pretty expensive habit. Vaping kits, on the other hand, cost less than a carton of traditional cigarettes, and actually provide you with more enjoyment. Even vapor accessories are cheaper overall than smoking. Since vaping can help to give you the same feelings that smoking did in a cheaper and less hazardous option, it is pretty beneficial.

2. An Increase in Cleanliness – Smoking unfortunately comes with a smell or odor that is hard to tolerate, especially if you are a non-smoker. The odor and ash residue that smoking leaves behind are unappealing to many people. Those that vape don’t have to worry about having an ashtray right next to them at all times, or that distinctive smoking odor.

3. A Happier Attitude – Vaping with vapor accessories can help to make you feel better. These are not changes you experience with smoking. In fact, many smokers often report feelings of guilt and shame. A positive change in attitude and social interaction can help to provide you with a happy, carefree way of looking at life once again, without feeling as if you are in a trap from your smoking addiction.

Beginning the process of quitting smoking can still take some time. Smoking is a highly addictive habit that can draw you back in time after time. It’s important to accept that you may not be able to stop cold turkey right away. Take your time and work into the vaping process. Once you have made the transition, you will never want to go back again.

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