Black Diamond Earrings Make a Unique Anniversary or Birthday Present

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Jewelry

The idea of giving or receiving black diamond earrings places the giver or recipient apart from other jewelry connoisseurs. That is because you simply don’t see a black diamond every day. Jewelry featuring white diamonds is the kind of gift that is traditionally given or received.

If you want to buy black diamond earrings or similar pieces of black diamond jewelry, you have to obtain a basic education about the stone. The popularity of black diamonds also sets them apart from other kinds of colored gemstones.

An Impressive Gem

Black is considered the most popular stone among diamond colors. If you really want to make an impression, then black will certainly have that effect. However, there is still a great deal of misinformation that surrounds the gem, as some people wonder if the stone is actually real.

If you want to know if the diamond’s color is actually black, then the answer is “yes.” The color of the diamond is authentic. However, black diamonds also come in several types. For example, there are synthetic black diamonds, diamonds that that have been treated and natural black diamonds. All of the stones are real, although there is a big difference in worth.

Natural black diamonds are very different than other colored gems. The stones are made up of a polycrystalline structure that consists of the stone, graphite and amorphous carbon. As a result, the diamonds feature inclusions that make them appear black. The clusters of graphite within the diamonds give them a black hue.

Low Grade Gems

White diamonds that are treated are usually black diamonds of the lowest value because of the gem’s large number of inclusions. As a result, they are considered industry-grade diamonds. A better name for these diamonds would be colorless treated black diamonds. Because white diamonds, which are considered low-grade, are used, these black diamonds have a very low value when compared to similar gems.

Simulated black diamonds are not actually natural diamonds, but are purely synthetic. They can be equated with cubic zirconia jewelry. If you are seeking black diamond earrings or similar black diamond jewelry, you should make sure the stone is natural.

Natural black diamonds are white diamonds filled with mostly graphite. In order to enhance the colors of these stones, the jeweler uses a heat treatment or irradiation, which gives the stone a deep and dark green hue that appears black.

Because natural black diamonds that have been treated do not possess the sparkle of white diamonds, they are valued lower than their traditional counterparts. The diamonds, while durable, are more difficult to polish and cut. Therefore, make sure the stones you buy are polished and smooth to ensure their worth and quality.

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